ESW has achieved an enviable reputation through its focus on presenting chairmen, chief executives, CFO, upper and middle management candidates to industry, non-profit and government institutions.

  • We work with companies that are facing the need to restructure, be it downsizing, mergers & acquisitions, outsourcing or off shoring.
  • We work with companies to effectively manage their human capital and meet their talent development needs. We work with individuals along their career life cycle; we support these individuals in career transitions, we assess them and establish development plans.
  • We work with employment agencies and with unemployed in several countries to reduce unemployment.

ESW is already engaged with clients in the following industry sectors:

  1. Higher Education/Non Profit
  2. Hospitals and Universities
  3. Financial Services / Insurance
  4. FMCG
  5. Communication, Technology and Entertainment
  6. Industrial, Construction and Natural Resources
  7. Life Sciences, Health Care and Biotech

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