The challenges of this fast-paced, rapidly changing industry are met by personal partner attention for each client. Our unique, disciplined, and comprehensive management recruiting and executive search methodology ensures delivery of the best talent.Our scope of services encapsulates broad spectrum and array of vast multidisciplinary HR solutions which include but not limited to the following:

ESW provides services regarding HR policies and procedure development documentation which encompasses:

  • Employee Handbook and Policy Formation
  • Recruitment and Selection Policy
  • Performance Management Policy
  • Training and Development Policy
  • Leave Policy
  • Disciplinary Code
  • Succession Plan Policy
  • Grievance Policy
  • Compensation Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Employee Application Forms

            •  Compensation Programs & Surveys
            •  Organizational Development
            •  Job Descriptions
            •  Compliance Audits and Employment law update
            •  Employee File Maintain and Records
            •  Employee Performance Review

  • ESW is provided the various payroll functions are as follows:

           •   Payroll Processing and Payroll Taxes
           •   Payroll maintenance, including processing deductions, variations to allowances
           •   Issue Payment Summaries
           •   Payroll Services for Senior Executive
           •   Payroll Reconciliation & Reporting Requirements
           •   Medical Claim Processing
           •   Salary Deposit and Bank Transfers
           •   Manage and Maintain staff Payroll Files
           •   Monthly tax Compliance and Filing
           •   Payroll Audit Procedures and Planning

    Executive Search Worldwide (ESW) recognizes the high demand for well-suited, superior caliber executives. Hence, we have various psychological testing tools such as MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) to determine innate and inherent characteristics of existing and new staff to optimize their utilization and productivity.
    This facilitates in recruitment, development and succession planning, promotion, team building, job fit and benchmarking for both new and existing staff. Benefits are twofold being both for the candidate and the client and include:

    •   Measurable returns on investment Identification of talents and strengths
    •   The right candidate for the right job
    •   Systematic and targeted selection
    •   Skill enhancement and identification programs
    •   Recognition of potential and capabilities

    Background checking is facilitating the employer in ensuring that the candidate has the background and experience as he or she claims. ESW has successfully handled thousands of verification of Qualifications and Credential of old/new employees of our clients locally and internationally. This process is called “Primary Source Verification” (PSV). The main functions of PSV assignment are as under:

  • Maintain proper record of credential verification cases of concerned departments.
  • Arrange safe custody and confidentially of the referred for verification.
  • To establish contacts with concerned departments within the country or abroad for       verification of academic and antecedents credentials.
  • Verification of prior employment including position,longevity, salary and job       performance.
  • Verifying Address
  • Professional Membership for accounting and finance professionals, credit checks.
  • Testing to confirm skills and knowledge.
  • CNIC and NADRA data check.
  • Criminal background checks.
  • To establish liaison with concerned Police Department for verification of characters       if required and any other allied issues.
  • Verification of references of candidates/employees.
  • Drug screens and occasionally, physical exams.

  • ESW also provides the services of WLA (Workload Analysis) and capacity planning to determine adequate level of staff for execution of a process.

    ESW facilitates in development and implementation of employee retention for an organization. It covers areas such as:

  • Ensure continuity of customer service and satisfaction
  • Build employee morale
  • Save money
  • Improve quality
  • Employee relation consulting

  • Our expertise in this arena enables us to offer comprehensive employee benefits Management solutions with superior quality service in claims administration and management of corporate employee benefit plans.
    ESW offers you solutions that cater to your specific needs and reduce your administrative load. Some of the benefits we manage are;

  • Review and benchmark employee benefits for cost and tax efficiency.
  • Minimize employee tax risk to avoid unexpected liabilities and penalties
  • Health and Safety Plans
  • Medical Insurance Plans
  • Provident Fund, Gratuity & EOBI Services

  • We are registered as overseas employment promoters with Government of Pakistan. We are an authorized agency, specialized in headhunting and are pioneers in overseas placement. Functioning since 2011 we are known for our commitment to quality. We offer our services to the clients at the right time, with the right person, through our professional resources and expertise. It covers:

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