Our global reach, diversity of talent pool and vast experience provide us with a cutting edge to serve our clients more effectively and efficiently. We offer the optimum balance of a global approach, based on our knowledge of best practices, with a thorough understanding of the local framework, regulations and culture. Through our association with the team of experts, we assure optimal response and flexibility in services to our client. To have a better idea of what makes us stand out, please see Our Recruitment Process

Executive Search worldwide (ESW) focus is to act as a dedicated partner to its clients in meeting and managing their HR challenges such as:

  • Hunting for high level resources for organizational steering position such as directors, executives and       senior managers in line with organization’s continuously evolving strategic goals and mission.
  • On-going and continuous recruitment requirement due to restructuring and increased productivity       pressure.
  • Attracting, developing and engaging their workforce in the context of demographic change that is       leading to a shortage of critical skills worldwide.
  • Workload and psychometric analysis & profiling.

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